A Wise Doctor Once Wrote Tee


🌟 Embrace Your Inner Quirk with “A Wise Doctor Once Wrote” Tee! 🖋️


Hey, deciphering champ! Unlock the code of our “A Wise Doctor Once Wrote” softstyle tee. 🚀


👩‍⚕️ Features That Make It a Medley of Awesomeness:

– 100% ringspun cotton: So soft, it’s like reading handwriting in cursive.

– Shoulder peeks for a dash of sass and a heap of comfort (and maybe deciphering practice!).

– Durably taped shoulders, ready to carry the weight of saving lives or scribbling prescriptions.

– Reinforced collar seam with ribbed knitting, just like the loops in a doctor’s ‘e’s and ‘a’s.

– Semi-fitted for a look that screams “I’m as unique as a doctor’s handwriting!”

– Tear-away label for a tagless experience; because decoding should be smooth!

– Runs true to size (or maybe it’s a secret message…).


🎨 The Design:

“A Wise Doctor Once Wrote” – scribbles, doodles, and the art of the illegible! 🖌️


This design is your cryptic note from the universe. Wear it proudly, and let your doctor-like handwriting baffle the onlookers. Show the world that being a doctor isn’t just a profession; it’s a riddle. 🎭💖 #DecipherMyStyle #DoctorGlyphs

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