<3 Scribbles Tee


💉 Get Playful with “Scribbles <3” Tee – Where Medicine Meets Art! 🎨💃


Doctors, it’s time to unveil your artistic side while celebrating your unique journey in medicine. Introducing the “Scribbles <3” tee – a fusion of style, individuality, and medical mastery that’s as exceptional as you are! 👩‍⚕️🖌️


💡 Features That Make It Your Ultimate Prescription:

– A feminine twist on the classic tee, tailored for the remarkable doctors who embrace creativity.

– Shortened sleeves for a touch of flair – just like your personalized patient care.

– Crafted from 100% ringspun cotton, it’s as soft as your bedside manner.

– Twill-taped shoulders to handle anything – just like your medical prowess.

– Reinforced collar seam with ribbed knitting, because your commitment is rock-solid.

– Semi-fitted for a chic look that mirrors your confident stride.

– Tear-away label for ultimate comfort – no distractions in your medical world.

– Runs true to size for your perfect fit.


🎨 The Design:

“Scribbles <3” – It’s not just a tee, it’s your canvas!


Let your passion for medicine and art collide with this playful design. We’ve even left some room for you to practice your “doctor handwriting”! Wear it proudly to express your individuality and love for healing. Grab your tee now and show the world that doctors are more than just professionals – they’re artists of health, and their prescriptions may be unreadable, but their dedication shines through! 🎨💉

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